Divorce Mediation and
Elder Care Mediation

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Divorce Mediation - Separation and divorce are some of the most painful situations a couple can face. Once the decision to divorce has been made, couples are often overwhelmed with emotion and fear. Divorce mediation is a voluntary non-adversarial process that allows separating or divorcing partners the chance to work together to resolve their disputes in a way that benefits the whole family. Conflicts are resolved without the time, expense, and divisiveness of the traditional divorce litigation process. Divorce mediation allows both parties to retain control, which can be instrumental to their recovery from divorce. Divorce and family mediation also presents families with a method to settle their conflicts so that they may continue to work together even after the divorce is finalized. If you are searching for a divorce mediator in the Rochester, New York, and surrounding areas, Solutions Through Mediation can assist you in arriving at a peaceful resolution.

Elder Care Mediation – Elder care mediation is a part of family mediation. Changes in a people’s health, needs and roles can create stress and challenges for the elder, their loved ones and caregivers. Health, financial and caregiving issues can be serious matters for families to resolve. In some situations, distance, conflict or family dynamics make it difficult for family members to resolve these elder care issues without assistance. Elder mediation helps families, health professionals and/or medical care service providers create workable solutions to achieve a smooth transition and thoughtful plan for the future. Solutions Through Mediation specializes in elder care conflict resolution.

Why Choose Solutions Through Mediation?

As a trained divorce and elder care mediator, Cyndy Rochford will work with you to ensure that discussions remain civil, constructive and meaningful thus allowing you to reach a mutually acceptable agreement. Drawing on her extensive experience as a seasoned attorney, Cyndy will put skill, ethical standards, and professional commitment to work for your divorce or elder mediation needs.

CONTACT Cyndy Rochford, Mediator in Rochester, NY, and serving the Greater Rochester, NY area, to schedule an initial consultation free of charge.

  Divorce Mediation Benefits

  • Less adversarial than traditional litigation
  • Saves time and money while focusing on communication
  • Allows parties greater control, communication, and flexibility
  • Fosters cooperative parenting plans
  • Confidential

  Elder Mediation Benefits

  • Maintains elder’s dignity
  • Explores solutions in a safe environment
  • Reduces family conflict
  • Preserves, restores and improves family relationships
  • Helps avoid legal divorce proceedings
  • Facilitates discussions about anticipated elder care changes

How Does Mediation Work?:

Mediation is a voluntary process in which a trained, neutral facilitator (a mediator) works with the parties to assist them in arriving at a mutually acceptable agreement. At Solutions Through Mediation, discussions are held in a private, safe setting and are confidential. The responsibility for decision-making is in the hands of the participants and any agreement reached must be acceptable to all parties involved. Whether mediation is needed for a couple facing separation or divorce, or for siblings and/or caregivers of an aging person needing elder care mediation—Solutions Through Mediation will make this process as peaceful as possible.